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Headlight bulbs

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Trying to make the headlights brighter without changing the complete headlight unit or increasing the wattage of the bulb. Driving last night was enough to make you go blind trying to see the road.

Any experience with Silverstar bulbs?

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HID = thumbs up.

Got mine for like 60 bucks from a dude who knows a guy which knows his brother's girlfriend's cousin's step brother :p

10K all day.....color is blurple (sometimes purple sometimes blue) on the low beams. it looks grand.

Even my car looked excited when she got her bright eyes almost a year ago.

IMO, you really don't need HID's on the high beams unless you want to annoy people.

....oh and I have Silverstar bulbs as my high beams. really bright when turned on. Have it to this present day. It is A-OK partner :)
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