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Headlight bulbs

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Trying to make the headlights brighter without changing the complete headlight unit or increasing the wattage of the bulb. Driving last night was enough to make you go blind trying to see the road.

Any experience with Silverstar bulbs?

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I also have 8000k 35w HID's. They're so amazing!
Here's a great option for 8000k 35w HID's:

These aren't the ones I bought though. I got some average priced ones on eBay, but the bulbs sucked bad and flicked a lot, so I ordered a replacement set of bulbs and now they're fantastic!

I’d also look at 5 and 6000k. 8000k is too blue for some people.
The link is for the low beams only. Low beam bulbs are type H11, and high beam bulbs are type 9005 I believe. Both the low and high beams require individual ballasts for each bulb.

I only did the low beams for now because I barely ever use the highs, and when I do I can see pretty good.

I recommend HID's to everyone!
Brewski said:
Parkers09xB said:
I ordered and received these HIDs (8000K)...what is interesting is that they came in a plain white box with no markings and the ballasts have no brand markings or stickers... ??? it is almost as if they are "knock offs" one page instructions (but a web site was provided for further info )

Guess only time will tell if this was a good buy...hopefully I will do the install today.

I don't know anything about HID "brands". I just know that some HID's are good quality and some aren't - HIDextra is apparently very good.

Anyways, how did the install go?
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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