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so, I did that DIY on on painting your headlights black, and I put them back together and my passanger side is pointed down real low, and the drivers side is fogged. :mad: anyone got any pointers on fixing it?
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i actually came across these same exact problems when i painted my headlights too. to fix the low light, theres a silver screw thing that you need to spin. it looks like a bolt but its not, it just keeps spinning so keep goin until the light is level. and for the fogging up your gonna have to take it apart, clean it out, and reseal it. when i fixed mine i added sealant around the edges after i put it all back together just to be safe and its been workin good. hope this helps :)
helps a lot on the level, thanks man. I'm glad someone responded to me, I can never seem to get a response from anyone on here.
Chrevis said:
I can never seem to get a response from anyone on here.
If I would have known how to answer your question I would have helped you. I'm sure the same goes for most people.
Same here!

I saw your posting, but I also didn't respond since I never baked my headlights, so I never experienced your problems. When you have a specific problem, it's better to get the one answer that is correct, then 20 answers of people guessing!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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