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The only real complaint about Xpress Box is the headrest. It's marked forward angle is too much for my neck/head in my preferred seating position (pretty vertical). I even turned it backwards for a while, which put it at a MUCH better angle.
As it wasn't "locked" in position, I didn't feel comfortable with it that way, as it MIGHT come loose in a violent rollover-type crash (when it is most needed).

So, I turned it back around and reclined the seat more than I would actually prefer, so that the headrest does not physically push my head into an angle looking downward toward the steering wheel rather than toward the windshield.

My wife drove the xB to Auburn for classes and complained of the same thing for her . . .

What I want to know is . . .
Is there an alternative to the stock headrest that is more straight up and down, with a similar/identical fabric? (so it blends in with the stock seats)


Should I whip out the dremel and notch the stock headrest shafts to allow it to lock into the mechanism and not easily "pop out?"

This is a serious thread as I am irritated by the stock design and want a real dicussion.
FYI: the more vertical seating position (unachievable with a stock headrest position) and a reversed headrest puts the stock headrest in its "normal" position on all other cars I tend to drive, a couple inches behind the back of my head. SO, a reversed and notched stock headrest shouldn't pose an out-of-normal whiplash danger, compared to most other cars.

As of typing, the headrests are unmolested and in their stock position with a more reclined seat. As is, the "headrest" lines up with my neck and the base of my skull, usually TOUCHING my head as I drive. I have to physically lean forward to turn my head to look to the left or right.

I CAN'T be the only one with this issue . . .
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