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Headrest mods

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Here's my cheap $3 mod for the headrests. Adds a bit of color to the otherwise bland interior.

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Sorry, try it again, I believe that it is working now.
It is just a piece of material about 3 inches wide (the seam is on the back side, so the material is 6 inches wide total) by 26 inches long. It has velcro sewn on each end of the material that fastens under the headrest so it doesn't show. While at the auto show I got some wrist warmers from Scion for free, so I just cut out the Scion logo and attached it to the material using some iron on adhesive from the craft store. The stripes can be removed easily with out leaving damage to the headrest by just undoing the velcro.

Cost was 1.05 for the material and 2.00 for the adhesive. Might make 2 more for the back seats when my wife isn't busy. Ok, my wife made two more for the back. The back headrest material is 18 inches long.
Here is a picture of how the headrest mods look (front and backside). The white oval next to the Scion emblem is the iron-on adhesive that goes under the Scion emblem. It is only sewn at the ends with the Velcro (the middle is left open on the back to iron the emblem and material smooth. Once ironed from the back, press the edges to give a crisp line.
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Geezer, I just provide the ideas so others can take it from there. Maybe Shancopp would be willing to make an extra set for you. lol. Really, I don't have any idea what it would cost with the purchase of the Scion emblem, shipping/package and something for the wifes time that would be reasonable for both of us.

Thanks for making the offer, it made my wife feel good!
Rican smiley box. The post was in answer to Geezer, I believe that he was asking me how much to make a set of mods for his headrests. Thanks for the 10 points.
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