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My Kia Sephia got old and started to die, so I asked my mechanic what to get next. He suggested a Corolla. I looked at them, but they were so boring. Then I realized the xB was better in every way (except gas mileage), and it's still a Corolla (in Japan, at least). I showed my daughter the colors and she picked "Nautical Blue Metallic". So two days ago I became the proud owner of a 2008 xB.

At first I wanted the base audio, but none of the dealers around here had any in stock. When I found out the premium audio had sub outs and the dealer knocked $250 off the price, I went with that as my only option.

I ordered custom bumper stickers that say "My other TARDIS looks like a police box". I also created a Doctor Who themed LKA for the audio display. The BGV flashes images of the TARDIS, Daleks, etc.

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