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Well i have a 2009 xB that is silver, it was demo but it seems to have a bunch of bells and whistles.

What i plan to do is to replicate Dajack761's Subwoofer enclosure with the instructions he gave me (thanks Dajack!),
and either add more 12V ports or install a power invertor for my kids equipment. I am very interested in the C-pillar install that Sonicmyk did, but i am trying do everything stealth, since it seems like everyone is stealing each other's things these days.

I am glad to be here and I am learning a lot about the xB

Very cool. Im looking to add a 12V port in the back of my car to. I know so other people on here were thinking about doing it but I never saw if it was done so if you figure it out let us know!
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