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Hello! new 2011 xB Stingray in California

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Hi everyone and hello from the Silicon Valley! I'm new to this forum but I've been reading numerous threads prior to buying my car in early May. I love how everyone is so enthusiatic about their cars and now, having owned my xB for a few weeks, I can see why.

I've learned a lot by reading about other people's cars. I'm happily modifying my ride and look forward to new ideas from other members!
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Welcome to the forum BrickPig!
Welcome to the best darn xB site on the web and welcome to the family. Yes, we are enthusiasts and love our cars. Ask questions, poke around some more on the forums, and enjoy! Oh, did I mention that modding is an addiction?
Welcome! Lets see some pics of your B. Judging by your sig, it sounds pretty sweet.
Welcome, it's funny that in order to think outside the box you had to buy one. I bought this car for a number of reasons and my favorite as of late is, "I didn't want another cookie cut out car". Meaning, not a car look that everyone already has. Coupes, suv's, trucks, hatchbacks and sedans. These stand out so much as there are few copies and it seems more to come as others like VW are following this trend.
Welcome! Lets see some pics of your B. Judging by your sig, it sounds pretty sweet.
Hi Parkers09xB, I tried to create an album but could not add pictures, so I created a website instead. The URL is in my signature now. Hope you and other folks like it!
I just checked out your link. Looks great!
Thanks! I'm playing with LEDs now. I just added some cargo illumination yesterday. I'm planning for more LEDs in the interior (that will be the next webpage, in the future...)
Nice idea for an album. Looking good!
Hello and welcome here.Its a very good and friendly site.hope you enjoy your stay.
Welcome BrickPig! Look forward to seeing your B evolve!

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