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HELP!!!!3rd and 4th GEAR VANISHED

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on my way home from work, i was coming up to a stop light like usually downshifting into 3rd around 25-30mph then second gear around 15-20mph
slowing down to a complete stop. light turned green and gradually took off shifting into second around 12mph cruised on up to about 30 and went for third gear and i got nothing. felt like it went in like usual but nothing there went back to second gear and tried agian and same thing...i pulled over and sat there to try and engage 3rd gear. slowly let off the clutch, so i tried 4th gear and same about 20 minutes from home, mostly freeway. so i have to shift from 2nd to 5th to get home. note:1st, 2nd, 5th, reverse all work fine. what happend to 3rd nd 4th
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All I can say is good luck dude! I had my transmission fail in my last car - an auto Grand Prix. I had transmission strangeness for quite a while before (my suspicion), and was even under aftermarket warranty and took it to the dealer a couple times, then finally lost 1st gear one day, then reverse, this after the warranty expired. I was able to drive it to a transmission shop without 1st. Like I said, I had the car in to get it checked out before it failed, but since I didn't have a "failure", the warranty doesn't pay for taking a transmission apart for diagnosis. I listened to the stupid GM dealer shop and thought things were just getting older - they weren't too concerned. After it failed, I wished I had paid whatever I needed to out of pocket to get it checked out prior to my warranty expiring.
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