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Don't go with Black Sand Pearl. I love my xB2 to death, but after 8 months of owning my Scion, my only real regret is my initial color choice. When it's freshly hand-washed for a show or something, I get compliments on the color and it really does look nice. However, you will learn see every little speck of dirt on there. There also isn't much you can do to a black car to make it 'pop,' in my opinion. At least with a white or silver, a window tint will 'pop' and can be accented with dark rims. On a blue, chrome wheels look amazing. On black, your only real choice for anything else is black. No other parts of the exterior (besides the logo) are chrome, so chrome wheels just look played out and goofy, unless you accent something else on there with chrome. Black on black isn't very noticable. Carbon fiber isn't very noticable on the BSP either.

If you do still want to go with the black, perhaps we can make an arrangement...
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