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HELP! Painting Dash...

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I want to paint my dash! I need some help on how to (safely) take off the rings around the air vents and the plastic near/under the shifter. (where all the red lines point)


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First off welcome to the site.

Since I dont know anything about what you want to do i wont make and suggestions. But I will follow the thread and watch for the good advice you will get. I got the dash add ons so the thing around the stereo and the door handles are all like that.

Anyways sorry for rambling on. Welcome to the site.
Hey vega, I was cruising ebay and found this. It is a dash kit for the xB. I am not sure if this is something you would be looking for but here you go.
Yeah Z, I want to check that out at the next meet.
vega said:
Hey man! Thanks for the look out! I'm not sure if i want carbon fiber or just black. But that is sick, thanks again!
No problem, thats what we do for each other as scion owners. We watch out for things like that, one big scion family.
Anytime, anytime.
1 - 5 of 35 Posts
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