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HELP! Painting Dash...

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I want to paint my dash! I need some help on how to (safely) take off the rings around the air vents and the plastic near/under the shifter. (where all the red lines point)


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I just painted my dash and everything came apart pretty easy. Like most poeple say, our cars are like lego, they really just pop apart. The oval around the radio just pops off, grab the edge's and pull toward you. You'll see the screws holding the vent circle's on. You'll need a couple small flat tip screw drivers the slide the actual vent off the circle, but it's pretty easy. The dash part around the Gauges also just pops off, grab the edge's and pull toward you. Once that's off you'll see the four screws that hold the gauge cluster in. After you unplug it you can pop it apart, you'll see 6 screws on the back and then only the tabs hold it together. (i painted the piece around the gauges too) The center part under the shifter just pops off too but once you get it off you'll have to unplug the flasher switch and pull it out. I'm not sure about the piece around your shifter as mine is a manual. But it shouldn't be that hard. The hardest part for me was the silver piece on the far left and the AC control center piece, and the circle vent on the far right. After you pull the radio oval out, you'll notice a skinny trim piece under the radio, pull that toward you like the rest, it just pops off. That exposes two screws on each side, take those out, now you can lift up the dash a few inches to pull out that center piece around the AC controls. You have to lift the dash again to get that far left piece off. and for that pisky far right vent, it's held on by 3 screws and to get to them without taking your whole dash apart, just peel up that side of the dash to get under it. It's kinda tight, but if you use a stubby screw driver you can get it. Putting it back together was easier. I'll post pics as soon as I can
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it was easy dude and only cost like 10 bucks at wallyworld. Took about 6 hours from start to finish ( about 3 hours to dry)
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