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Hello Folks,

I recently bought a 2010 RS 7.0. Overall, this car handles great! I bought the car used and I have a slight beef with the Daytime running lamps kit installed on the car (DRL required in Canada). The RS7 was imported from the states and last year the previous owner installed a Hamsar model# 45040 DRL Kit. My issue is the DRL kit runs the highbeam at 100% intensity all the time (normal for this particular model), but it also turns on the high beams when the key is set to "start position". I suspect that the previous owner wired the drl kit incorrectly because when I checked the manual for the kit, it stated that the "white" wire is supposed to be wired with the low beam and orange wire is supposed to be wired with the high beam. I checked the wiring and sure enough the wiring for the lows and highs were the other way around! For this model, the low beam is supposed to be the headlights that is always on.

Does anybody here know/has experience with this DRL model for 2nd gen xB? If I reverse the white and orange wiring, is there a chance of me screwing up the DRL module? I checked the Hamsar website and the recommended module is supposed to be something else other than #45040 which is currently installed in my xB. I am not sure how the previous owner got this particular model to work, but its working on the high beam vs low beam.

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