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Hey Guys,

Since before COVID, I started working from home and didn't have much of a chance to drive my car. Since then, my car has been sitting for around 1.5 - 2 years and hasn't been started since. I recently wanted to get it running again and started off with replacing the battery.

Where I am now is that the car will not turn over completely and run. I've taken off the housing to get to the throttle body and cleaned that out - when starting, it does open so it's not that.

I've ordered new spark plugs just in case but I don't think they are the issue. I can get the car started and running for a second or two using starting fluid but that's it. After that fluid has burned off, the car just shuts off. It does have the original gas that was put in it about 1.5+ years ago but I would think it would still start up using that old gas.

The only other issues that I could think of would be either 1) Dirty injectors or 2) Bad fuel pump.

I'm attempting to take out the backseat so I can get to the fuel pump and see if I hear it running but I wanted to see if there would be anything else that I might be missing to get this car running again. I do hear a whine like the fuel pump is working in the engine bay after attempting to start the car but not before.

Thanks in advanced for the help!
Your suggestions ( fuel ⛽ pump and injectors) sound like the issue. Did you get it running 🏃‍♂️?
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