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I bought my Xb new from a toyota dealership. The saleswoman said she drove it to a show and I bought it with 88 miles on it. no big deal. I've had problems with this thing, a lower control arm had loosened, there was a creaking noise by my cowel and a high pitched noise coming thru the car, possibly where the cowel was moving on the windshield.

I was washing my car this weekend, and noticed that my whole front end is out of wack. It's not lined up, one part of the front comes out further than the other side. Definitely not something Toyota would let off the assembly line without correcting it. So we surmised that the car had to have been in an accident and the toyota shop covered up the "boo-boo" and didn't bother to make sure everything was lined up correctly. Now that clears up why my lower control arm was loose and why the creaking is happening.

How do I prove now that it was in an accident? Bring it to a body shop around my town, ask them to take a look at it. I'm already in contact with Scion to go thru arbitration, just because I can't deal with the creaking noise..a brand new toyota product should not have creaks, IMO.

Adice, greatly appreciated.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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