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Hey guys just got a new 2010 scion and new to site

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Hey,live near chicago, bought a 2010 scion xb and wanted to join this forum and introduce myself my names Victor.
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Welcome Victor. Do you have any plans for your box? What color is it? 5spd. or auto ?
Where at in the burbs are ya? Hiding out here myself.
welcome to the forum Victor, what color did you get and what are you planning on doing for mods?
Yeah I got a silver 2010 scion xb auto :( yeah im sorry, I live in northwest suburbs by crystal lake. I bought these wheels for it but they sent me wrong bolt pattern so I have to get exchange

I plan on putting some tints on front as my rears have factory privacy glass. I also put K and N intake on it and not sure what my plans are for it. Thanks everyone, what do you guys think i should do? Tint tail lights?
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Welcome I like the wheels!!
I loved the wheels, too. Cool!~
Welcome to THE BEST XB2 site on the web. Lots of really nice people here. Enjoy the site and enjoy your xB2. Lets us know what your plane are for your ride.
those wheels are pretty nice, the lip is sick!

tinting tail lights is tricky business if you don't have an extra set. I just bought a set of smoked anzos tails, they aren't actually tinted but they are not bright red and they are LED.
Welcome! I have the Altezza Euro-style tails with smoked lens and LED's. Been on almost two years with no problems. We added smoke tint to the '09's tails and that worked nicely. Make sure they are super clean, no dust, no oil. Spray lightly and evenly until you have a light smoke. Let dry completely between coats then clear coat. It's not as easy as one might think if you want a quality look. Just saying...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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