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Hi from SFL

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Hi everybody,
Clement from Davie, FL.
Had my 2010 xB for almost a yr now.
it's in hypnotik teal mica and so far I have lowering springs ( eibach sportline ) and a set of 5Zigen Heidfeld in 18" custom painted to match the car.

I am a fabircator, draftsman. I do anything from 3D engineering to machining, to fiberglass and molding. I'm currently working on something for scion exposed 8.0 but can't say more for now.
Enjoy the pictures.

just lowered:

painted hubcaps:

rear spoiler made with john from web creation ( scionPro parts fabricator ):

little bit of autoX meanwhile...

wheels after sandblasting:

painting process, thanks to my buddy Smerf from "Wet Coat":

mounted on the car with 25mm spacers upfront and 30mm in the back. tire size is 215/35/18:

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Lowered and new wheels....looks great!

Brewski (SW Florida...Cape Coral)
Welcome to the best darn xB site online. Your ride looks great. My '09 was HTM and I haven't seen that many of them, so it's a great color.
Welcome to the forum Clement! I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures of your future projects.

I like your car.

Now go get some Hotchkis sway bars and take on that AutoX course again!
Those wheels look awesome!
thank you guys. appreciate the comments.
I probably won't be taking it too often to autoX unfortunatly since I'm turning the car into a Stance ride. I love racing but the xB is a top heavy car and I might just get a second toy to screw around on a track. I'm too worried about screwing up my daily driver.
I will post some picture of the project just before I go to the scion exposed for the one that will not be there.
How do you like your sportlines, how do they ride for a daily driver. I commute about 100 miles per day.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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