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hid fog light install, need help...

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long time troller first time posting...

ok so i have been searching for weeks and im a bit confused about hooking up hid fogs. my car doesn't have any fogs but i already running hid lows for my headlights on a relay harness.

i just received my universal h3 projector fog lights and just ordered an h3 hid kit for the fogs. my question is do i need to hook up a second relay harness to get my fogs to run hid? is it safe or ok to run 2 separate relay harnesses, or unnecessary? i dont plan on using a switch im going to just wire them to the headlights.

any input is greatly appreciated...
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If you use the same harness, the fogs will come on at the same time as the existing lights. Also, I don't know how much extra capacity the one harness has for 2 sets of lights. To be safe, I'd get another harness, they don't really cost that much more to have the extra protection.
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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