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hid fog light install, need help...

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long time troller first time posting...

ok so i have been searching for weeks and im a bit confused about hooking up hid fogs. my car doesn't have any fogs but i already running hid lows for my headlights on a relay harness.

i just received my universal h3 projector fog lights and just ordered an h3 hid kit for the fogs. my question is do i need to hook up a second relay harness to get my fogs to run hid? is it safe or ok to run 2 separate relay harnesses, or unnecessary? i dont plan on using a switch im going to just wire them to the headlights.

any input is greatly appreciated...
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ok so thats exactly the answer i was looking for... hook em up using a second relay harness, thank you!

and now i have no idea wheres a good place to mount the hid ballasts for the fogs, need some input guys
When your front bumper is off you will see space on the frame near the foam pad on each side to put them.
I want to see output pics real bad. Lol
What's the plan to wiring them to battery and low beams?
I so want to do this man.
I can't really see the output of the fogs but would you say its really good light output?
i currently have them hard wired to the low beams to make it easy, but my next project is going to be putting the fogs on a switch. if anything so i can gauge where the cut off is and if they need adjustments adding switches is just plain cool. im thinking a light up blue one so it looks cool.


id say the light output is nearly double and i can see the road in front of my xb for the first time ever.

overall im extremely happy with the outcome and highly recommend hid projection fog lights! im running 8000k so i cant imagine 5000k-6000k light output would be even better! but im loving this current setup
Thanks man love to hear that!
Hey if you want to aim the fogs put blankets to cover the low beam.
Done that before haha
1 - 4 of 30 Posts
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