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hid fog light install, need help...

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long time troller first time posting...

ok so i have been searching for weeks and im a bit confused about hooking up hid fogs. my car doesn't have any fogs but i already running hid lows for my headlights on a relay harness.

i just received my universal h3 projector fog lights and just ordered an h3 hid kit for the fogs. my question is do i need to hook up a second relay harness to get my fogs to run hid? is it safe or ok to run 2 separate relay harnesses, or unnecessary? i dont plan on using a switch im going to just wire them to the headlights.

any input is greatly appreciated...
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Looks good! I got a set of ebay projector fog lights and the projectors themselves are just horrendous. They shoot light haphazardly all over the place. I was looking into getting a set of projectors like the ones you've got and retro them into the foglight housings, but I was wary of the output and if it had a clean cut-off line. Do you have any pictures of the fog light output?

I got a set of Opt7 Bolt HIDs for Christmas, but ended out returning them as there were numerous things wrong with the kit ranging from super loose bulbs to ballasts that flickered and blew fuses immediately. So back to the DDM kit that has been chugging along just fine.
Turned out nice! I've been eyeing a set of these fogs on Amazon for awhile. Those pics sealed the deal for me. Gonna toss a set of 3000k HIDs in them too.
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