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Hid Head lights/ Leather seats

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Does anyone know if you install HID Headlights does it void warranty?

also.. custom leather seats what would that possibly cost?
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I got leather seats as one of my options and it was around 1500
With the HIDs . . . Don't know.

With the leather:
Sparks sells these slip-on covers:
They sell for $399.00. That DOES NOT include installation. Though, it doesn't look too hard.

Some are nice, well made "slip-overs," meaning the cover the stock seats without bring glued on.
Others are built different and some require removal of the original cloth and new leather ones glued on to the foam.

Older cars used "hog rings" to hold the covers onto the foam and structure (I installed a set of that style Katzkins on my Miata). On the xB2, the foam is cast INTO the cloth, so there is a strong bond between them. There ARE no hog rings.

Also, be SURE the seat covers are DESIGNED for side airbags in the seats themselves. Gen 1 xBs didn't have those, ours does. Properly made covers have a "blow-out" section for the airbags built in.

Expect to pay $400-1000 uninstalled, maybe more depending on the expense of the material and if it s completely custom made. That is as opposed to a "pick the color" from a "stock" selection type of "custom" (like the Clazzio ones).

I am planning to eventually get some on my box, with the center inserts in tartan/plaid. Either they will be made with the insert or I will sew it in myself then install them.
--Oh, and in Scotland "plaid" means "blanket" and "tartan" includes what Americans call "plaid," but with more specific meaning as well. So, I seldom use the term plaid for pattern, though I do use it for a tartan patterned blanket.
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I wouldn't think that HIDs would void a warranty as it's a mere bulb replacement with specific wiring attached to the bulbs. Any damage incurred by HIDs would obviously not be covered.
I heard that as long as you do not break or crack the "seal" on the headlamp unit, you're good. I added HID bulbs and ballasts and it's all good. I wanted to add the strobe and some LED's and one of the guys told me THAT would void the warranty, so I can wait.
Thanks for the feed back guys. I have a silver 2008 xb Auto with stock radio
I got it for $14,400 with alarm . dealer went under !car had 4 k miles on it .
Where did you get your Hid lights?
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