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HID's Flickering

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Whats up guys. I recently installed some 6000k HIDs in my car. I noticed that my driver side bulb flickers. At first I thought it was a bad bulb or ballast, so I went back to the shop and got a new one. But the new bulb flickers at well. Any explanations or solutions will be greatly Appreciated!
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Switch sides with the bulbs to see if the problem is actually the bulb or the ballast. If the problem stays on the drivers side after swapping bulbs, it's your ballast. If the flickering changes to the passenger side, it's the bulb.
the same exact thing happened to mine! i switched the bulb to the other side and it would still give me trouble, it would flicker then after awhile just turn off completely. i ended up having to buy a new bulb. the problem is the fillament inside the bulb, (mine was broken) so your best bet is probably to go back and buy another one. just in case, do not touch the bulb with your hands at all! they are very delicate and anything little touch could break the fillament. :yes:
thanks guys, But i already replaced the bulb and ballast and the problem continued. My buddy that works at NoHo Toyota says he has this problem with a lot of Xbs in general. Something to do with the computer not being able to handle. Do you know if theres a piece, something like a voltage stableizer?
my driver side starts of green(i have 8000k) and my right side starts off just fine. maybe it because that side is closer to a higher temperature in the engine? not too sure though.
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