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How do I remove stock antenna?!?!

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Anybody know HOW to remove the stock antenna and replace it with a shark fin? Help please!
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Twist it off... you only need to remove the part that unscrews. Leave the base & the shark fin will fit over that :)
Without starting a new thread.... any pics of shark fins on xb2s or other cool antennas? :)

OOPs! getting used to your sight :x Just found some but lets see more and best place to buy. :D
Just tried. I guess I need to buy a bigger fin cuz the one I got wont fit over the base part.

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:) Thats very cute :) I put a smileyball on mine...for now :yes:
Can anyone confirm whether the shark fin will cover both the am/fm antenna mount on the xB and a magnetized satellite radio antenna? I have a Sirius plug n play receiver and it would be great if the shark fin would cover both for a more streamlined look.
If your Sirius antenna is the same size as mine (1.5-2" dia.) then no, it won't fit. I have it sitting right behind my Shark Fin even though they say not to do that. It seems to work fine :)
I have the shark fin from visual garage and the sirius antenna from the dealer. I routed my satellite antenna wire down through the hole for the fm antenna and placed the sirius antenna just in front of the fm antenna. It just fit for me. I seem to get similar reception to what I had before and the look is pretty clean without any extra module or wires running across the roof.
Thanks, I ordered one.
A bit of a redirect here, but how is the reception using the fin?
Cool... thanks
No problem... as I mentioned in the other thread; however, I only listened to a few stations and didn't check range w/ the stock antenna prior to switching to the shark fin...
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