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How do I splice the I Pod cable to operate a Zune?

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Help anyone! I want to splice a Zune connector to the included I Pod cable. Any help is appreciated. Also, do you know if I splice the cable will it allow operation of the Zune like an I Pod?
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I doubt there's any way to do that... you'll need to use the Aux jack.
The iPod cable is strictly for using an iPod.. it will not work with a Zune. To listen to your Zune, you need the AUX cable and port, and will have to be content to control your listening via the Zune itself.

Oh.. and WELCOME to the site :) :yes:
With all respect, Just sell your Zune and get an iPod. Will work with iPod Nano, video iPod and iPhone. They're way better than the Zune anyways. Just bite the bullet and use the Scion's already integrated iPod connection.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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