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How much you pay for your rims/tires.?

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I just spent 1600 on new tires and rims... Just wanted to see how much you guys paid for yours...
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Bragging or complaining?
A lot depends on your rims and the tires.
RIms can be $500-1000 or more and tires are typically $400 (installed) to over 1,000 for some highly specialized

For moderately prices, decent quality rims/tires, expect to pay $500-600 each total (item, plus any shipping and installation, etc.). Any less and it's a great deal. More and it depends what you got for the price. Some quality rims are EXPENSIVE! Others are way overpriced for what they are. An example of a quality rim that's worth its high cost are Volks. You pay out the nose, but they are excellent quality and light in weight for their strength. I'd pay for those if that was on my immediate list. There are others in the same price level I wouldn't touch w/o a severe discount . . .
My current rims/tires were $1100-1200, all told.
Also, when comparing prices, be SURE to include all the costs. Seller break them down differently to make something sound like a better "deal" when folks are shopping around. Some are, some aren't.
I pay a bit more to get a local shop to take care of me (free rotation, patch/plug, pick-up/drop off, even towing if close-> their customer service is excellent).
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I got konig illusions with tires off Discount Tire Direct, mounted balanced and shipped for $899 with a $70 dollar rebate.
I just spent 1600 on new tires and rims... Just wanted to see how much you guys paid for yours...
What kind did you get? Photos??
Bragging or complaining?
Thanks for the info. I should have shopped around first. ( didn't know how much Rims cost on avg)

it's apex wheels... Did I over pay?
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Another cost factor is the size of the wheel/tire, and the aspect ratio.

When you start to go to larger diameter wheels they tend to be more expensive. Also when you get a shorter (lower profile) tire to stay close to the stock rolling radius, those low profile tires (less than 50 series) tend to be more expensive.

Besides a decrease in ride quality, cost was the main reason I did not get bigger wheels and lower profile tires. Instead I just replaced the steelies with 16" rims and will keep the stock tires until they wear out. When that happens I plan to go to P225/50R16 tires.
For that size, that was probably about right.
I'm running 16" Tenzo Rs that Fast Scions was running a great sale on. Normally, they would have been significantly more.

Phobic has gotten multiple rim sets . . .
paid nothing for mine, my company did lol
Looks good Joe. Price sounds about right also.:cheers:
Looks good Joe. Price sounds about right also.:cheers:
Thanks! I feel better now ha! Next step
Is gonna be intake!
Alright... lets break down my money spent.

2200 on my OZ Orange rims.
1300 on my Corvette C4s w/ 31mm adapters.
1300 on my Schalks

these are all shipped with tires, no TPS.

it's an addiction. I go to meetings.
It's a **** good addiction.
yeah it is. I have another set Im picking up for my girls xD that are copper C4 saw blades. I loves me some corvette rims haha.
I have about $1200 in rims and tires. Would have been more but I work at a dealer and got a wholesale price on everything and paid a mechanic under the table for install and alignment.
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