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From looking at the pictures I assume that the wire is about 18-20 gauge that runs the light. I would caution you to not overload the wire with a heavy load. A spotlight or airpump that uses a regular plug normally has a 10 amp fuse in it. The plug would be great for lighter loads but you might run into trouble with a long term heavy draw. I would add a panel mount fuse under the plug for good measure. I am not sure what else is on the circuit.

The walmart ect option to 120v
I have an inexpensive inverter that plugs into the lighter socket with a 120 plug on the other end. It works for light loads like my laptop and printer. If you really need more you can mount the inverter under the hood with a remote switch and then run a cord ( extension cord ) inside the vehicle to power your devices. Most of the bigger inverters require you to run the engine since the alternator puts out 13.8 volts and the battery is only good for 12 volts. When the alternator is off it shuts the unit down thinking the battery is running low since under load the battery output would drop to slightly less than 12 volts. The advantage of it being under the hood is that it puts off heat and needs the air to keep it cool if its a larger unit. ( They look like stereo amps)

I ordered a shop manual so in a week or so I should be able to tell you what the circuit is fused at and what else is hooked to it. If the light and everything else is off you could strech its compacity rating.
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