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how to get a sponsorship?

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Hi everyone

I know a lot of you have sponsors, so my question is how do you get a sponsor? but the cache is that I live in Colorado and there aren't a lot of shows to go to, I'm still in school so I can't be having to go to a lot of shows.


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I have a few sponsors locally and have been working on getting some other sponsors outside of my region but its nearly impossible, especially to get a full sponsorship. Partial sponsorships are awesome, but you dont get things free, just discounted. And most people wont sponsor a stock car or a lightly modded car. You need to bring something to the table to get them to want to put their stuff on your car and have you show off for them.

it sucks, but you basically can't get a sponsorship unless you are basically already done with your mods and your car is bad ***.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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