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how to get a sponsorship?

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Hi everyone

I know a lot of you have sponsors, so my question is how do you get a sponsor? but the cache is that I live in Colorado and there aren't a lot of shows to go to, I'm still in school so I can't be having to go to a lot of shows.


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I have 2 local sponsors and basically I have paid for work from them first. If the quality of the work is good I usually discuss options with them about sponsorship. The initial deals I have involve show appearances and passing out business cards. After 3 shows of doing this one of my sponsors (paint and body shop) professionally painted my taillights and reverse light for free. We are negotiating a deal to re-paint my enitre car.

My other sponsor is our local Toyota/Scion Dealership. After passing out cards from them I have received dealer cost for parts and many small free accessories (key chains, shirts, hats, and door sills).

Sponsorships are a lot harder to get these days with the economy being the way it is. You really have to work to get them. I have had sponsors for my last 3 show cars and even though I have really done a lot to my xB, it has been toughest car for me to get committments on. Even appearing in 6-8 shows per year doesnt always assure them of money well spent.

Good Luck!
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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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