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how to get a sponsorship?

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Hi everyone

I know a lot of you have sponsors, so my question is how do you get a sponsor? but the cache is that I live in Colorado and there aren't a lot of shows to go to, I'm still in school so I can't be having to go to a lot of shows.


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Well I will say your "catch" might be killing the sponsor option. Most all sponsors will want something in return. The only real way for that to happen is by the sponsored driver to be at shows so people are seeing the product. Driving around doesn't really do anything for advertising.
I attend (and plan to attend/show in) all the major ones within your region. Usually there's about one a month with about two or three shows you really want to be part of. For me its Exposed and the spring/fall Import Alliance shows and whatever else I can fit in around those. If you can get to and show in 6 to 10 shows you're doing well. Most people make it to 3 to 6 though. Its about establishing yourself and your car which ultimately establishes your sponsors.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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