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how to get a sponsorship?

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Hi everyone

I know a lot of you have sponsors, so my question is how do you get a sponsor? but the cache is that I live in Colorado and there aren't a lot of shows to go to, I'm still in school so I can't be having to go to a lot of shows.


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tardis is right, almost any sponsor is going to want your attendance at shows, its the only way to showcase a product to the right consumer. im looking for sponsor cars right now and thats a requirement. its the only thing that a sponsor would be able to get in return is free advertising.
ya, i mean im looking at 5-7 shows, and hes completely right about the economy making things difficult. My sponsorship starts with parts that you want getting at cost, and in return free advertising. then after that depending on the success, other things could be offered. in order to get a sponsorship tho you have to have a car thats already modded, but has room for improvement and has curb appeal. you also have to have like professional pics to show the car off.
it would and it wouldnt. you have to think anywhere you go to get parts your paying retail. with a sponsor you are getting great discounts and in exchange having to go to shows which are fun too. just keep looking around.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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