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While the front seats in the 2nd generation xB aren't bad, they certainly could be better. The cars I've owned with the best seats, a 79 Mustang Pace Car with Recarro seats, an 84 Laser, and a 99 Mystique (leather) all had one thing in common which our xB seats do not. They all had either a raised or long area at the front of the seat to support your thighs. Our xB seats are longer than most inexpensive Japanese cars, but I feel they are too high in the rear, especially when the seat is raised. By raising the front of the seat, this keeps your keister forced to the rear of the seat thus creating more support for your thigh area just above your knees. I've done this in two ways.

The first way was by installing longer bolts for the front attachment of the seats to the floor, which enabled me to space the seat mount roughly 5/8" away from the floor. I used M10-1.25x40 bolts (Dorman 44245), and 7/16" washers for the spacers. Any more than 5/8" worth of washers creates too much of a hole alignment problem. This noticeably improved the feel of the seat, but raising the seat seems to raise the rear more than the front of the seat, so I tried a second approach.

This time I removed the seat from the car, and un-clipped the seat fabric where it attached below the front of the seat. This allowed the seat foam to be lifted a bit from the steel underbelly of the seat, where I then added 1 inch of a stiff foam between the original seat foam and the steel it rested upon. This was done only at the front of the lower seat cushion. There are numerous small steps to doing this, but if you're careful and patient, it can be done without much trouble. The seat fabric has a plastic clip sewn to it which attaches to the steel seat frame underneath. The trickiest part is gently un-clipping it. The two pictures show the area where the 1" of foam was placed (my hand), and where the foam now resides (it's blue). The foam I used came from a camping pad (I think that's what it was called) from Wallyworld. It's a 1/2" thick stiff foam mat, so I doubled up the cuts pieces to make 1". I glued the pieces in place with Goop.

Well, no pictures yet. I assumed I would upload them to this site, but I guess not. If anyone needs to see the photos, I'll upload them to my website and either post a link or insert the link to them into here.
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