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how to video for the new sub tub

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here is the video i made showing how to install the gen2 xb subtub. i will be doing a coilover install video soon also

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That one is the prototype and we found it needs some bracing and the production model will have it but it sounds great even with out carpet I'm running a shallow mount sub but it will fit a standard size sub and running a small 1600w amp mounted under the back seat
Well if you want to use it like a normal trunk you can carpet the box and add a grill over the sub I just haven't done it yet I shot the video the day after I picked it up. We are working on a mount system to relocate the jack and tools under the back seat also. The idea behind the subtub is customization you can paint, wrap, carpet, or what ever you want. And by small amp I ment size it is 1600w but is really small in size. Also there are different tops in the works and one will hold 4 speakers. Also there is one in the works that does not have the sub cut out for a storage trunk with a lid. But like I said the one in the video is the prototype.
stop prototyping and make this already! im down, done, bought, sealed.. sell the fitting without the hole.. i would love to put this in my 8.0 with Kicker inserts
Lol the one in the video is the prototype for testing. This model is for sale now on if you want to buy just the bottom and make your own top the bottom is also for sale.
There is so many different grills out there. And many different speakers. The subtub is sold in different ways, you can buy just the tub with out a top, with the top ready to drop your own speaker in. or you can get it with the sub and amp and grill. Not everyone wants the same grill, sub, amp, or finish. Who would want it if it was sold only one way? This gives you the opportunity to make it your style, customize it to fit your needs. Or just buy the ready to run pack.
And thank you everyone for your input I am telling scionpro your ideas
Ok to clear up any confusion. There are many options to choose from with the subtub. You can get it as just the bottom (no top) for $299 + shipping. Is in the video with the countersunk hole for $699+ shipping, or subtract $25 for no hole. $1295+ shipping comes with subtub, amp, sub, grill, and fully covered in carpet. Custom tops can be made if you send a photo shop or cad design for price quote. The sound competition top housing 4 12s should be done in the next week our 2 price to follow. Ok I think I covered everything. Let me know if I missed something.
It really is a great product and worth the price.
1 - 9 of 18 Posts
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