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Howdy Ya'll

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Hello Everyone.
We are really enjoying our new to us 08 Xb :smile: . My parents had a first gen Xb and traded it for the 08 . Mom wanted another first gen , so they had one of each for several years . They needed a bit more cargo space for a chair lift and got a 2012 Ferd Transit and still have the first gen too .
Anyhow, We now have moms 08 and the wife really likes it ,especially at the gas pump :wink: . She moved out of a Tahoe for the Xb . So I have the Tahoe for when the weather is to bad for the Goldwing.
I do my own maint / repairs so I expect I'll be around with a question now and then .
I think I found the answere to my first question already and will be turning off the engine maint light Saturday along with an oil/filter change .

Oh yea , why does the set of service books cost $500 bucks ? whats up with that ?

See ya down the road :cheers:
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Welcome! What color is your box?

Keep searchin this site for tons more info like you are already, there is lots of questions with answers as you have found

And you can try this for the manuals!
Lots of people use vinyl or plasti dip on the front bumpers, mirrors, emblems, or on hatch to give it some more distinction and to make it their own.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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