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Howdy Ya'll

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Hello Everyone.
We are really enjoying our new to us 08 Xb :smile: . My parents had a first gen Xb and traded it for the 08 . Mom wanted another first gen , so they had one of each for several years . They needed a bit more cargo space for a chair lift and got a 2012 Ferd Transit and still have the first gen too .
Anyhow, We now have moms 08 and the wife really likes it ,especially at the gas pump :wink: . She moved out of a Tahoe for the Xb . So I have the Tahoe for when the weather is to bad for the Goldwing.
I do my own maint / repairs so I expect I'll be around with a question now and then .
I think I found the answere to my first question already and will be turning off the engine maint light Saturday along with an oil/filter change .

Oh yea , why does the set of service books cost $500 bucks ? whats up with that ?

See ya down the road :cheers:
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Thanks for the welcome . The box is very plain . Simple white with plastic wheel covers .To suprise my wife ,who is away for the weekend, I hadit washed and waxed yesterday . The fellow did a real nice job cleaned inside and out ,door jambs and all . Shes got a nice shine now . I may be looking for some wheels by the time I get a new set of tires .
I am wondering are there any grafix decals ? I guess any place that makes vinyl wraps could make me something . I dont know , its just a whole lot of white .
I appreciate the idea . I hadn't thought of ebay , precut vinyl kits .
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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