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Hydrogen kits for mileage?

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Has anyone invested in this type of method in the xB to improve its gas mileage?
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Except for voiding your warranty, being a complete scam, and not actually meeting any of their claims, go for it. It's your money. Lose it if you want to. Too many buzzwords to try to convince people it's legit.
HHO is no joke. it really works....on a carb engine lol. i build thses at my work as a side job and a real good one( not the ebay ones) will increase mpg on a carb eng but inorder to do it on our xbs you have to change the ecu so much its not worth it. the more hydrogen and oxagen you put in a fuel injected moter the more the ecu will change the fuel. not worth it. but on lets say my 1978 doge van( v8 318) i went from 8mpg to 12-13mpg. witch is damn good for a 1978 20foot van lol.
Don't you think that if there really were some device that would dramatically increase your mpg the auto manufacturers would be using it? High mpg is a great selling point and I doubt they would pass up a simple mod that would measureable increase gas mileage. I have a vague recollection of Myth Busters trying various things that claim to increase mpg and busted them.
I agree. Want to increase your gas mileage??? Lose some weight in your right foot.
If you tend to like acceleration and flying on a mountain road (like me) . . .
It'll take a little while for the ECU to relearn a new driving style and re-optimize the tuning for mpg, but it'll get better and better.

Until gas gets back up . . .
I'll be having fun. (If I wanted to watch mileage, I'd have gotten a gen 1. I wanted the POWER!)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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