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Do you demand Oznium vent lights?

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I'm starting a demand page for the oznium vent lights. If you didnt get a chance to get one of the first ten then post a comment here and do the poll! :yes:
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Phobic said:
I got a pair of them, and I demand everyone gets them cause they're awesome.
They are awesome...but, they clash with my foglights and CAI functional vent...dang!

Wave Rider said:
Brewski: What do you mean they clash with your foglights?
I simply meant that I have the foglights and I don't need anymore lights on the front....I would make an exception if II didn't have TRD vent...I would go for the Oznium lights as DRL only and keep the foglights as they are functional when needed...IMO the vent lights would be better for DRL as I don't believe they would be any use in foggy conditions.....(but, I don't know that for a fact.)

1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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