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Do you demand Oznium vent lights?

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I'm starting a demand page for the oznium vent lights. If you didnt get a chance to get one of the first ten then post a comment here and do the poll! :yes:
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I very much would like to purchase a set of LED vent lights from Oznium please.

Almost bought them last month. Now I'm afraid I won't get the chance again.
There's so much more interest in these lights than in the 2nd Gen third brake light that Oz made earlier this year. Maybe since there wasn't a lot of response to that product Oznium is hesitant to invest in more of these units.
Hopefully they'll read these posts and the ones on Scikotics.

I have Oznium Flex Strips, Superflux 4 chips, and the Ultra Thin Dome Light in my car so far with plans to buy more
This is next on my list and I'm frothing for the next batch to hit the market.
1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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