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Do you demand Oznium vent lights?

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I'm starting a demand page for the oznium vent lights. If you didnt get a chance to get one of the first ten then post a comment here and do the poll! :yes:
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gr8scape said:
I would think you would be better off e-mailing Oznium and express your interest in purchasing them. You may even get a date as to when they may be for sale again. Having been on the manufacturing end of products, an inquiry as to availability is going to get you a response. To demand them is going to get you a price increase.
Send the link to this thread IN the email to Oznium! ;) :lol:

I want these so bad!
Phobic said:
Oznium wont do more till they have 50. I read it on Scikotics forum I believe.
Oh bummer... I wonder how long 50 people would take... I like these too: but I don't like the price at all. :yucky:

Anyone know of cool, cheaper fog lights?
Hellen4Wheels said:
Quote from Phil at Oznium on

Use this remote control strobe module for awesome effects:

Ok, rather than requiring 50 pre-orders, I'm just going to bite the bullet and produce 100 sets. And hope they sell within a reasonable time

You can order any time, and they will likely ship by early Feb 2010. I'm trying to speed up the process as much as I can, and it may be sooner.


Btw, we've got ONE set in stock. If the site says "Availability: In Stock", then you'll get it. Its a return from someone who had the kenstyle bumper.
YES!!! Thank you!
1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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