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hold on a minute bigger rims do nothing for ground clearance just as smaller rims do nothing for ground clearance.

its simple the bigger the rim the lower the profile tire the smaller the rim the bigger the profile.

in the race world they started low -profile tires to improve handeling this is due to less lateral movment of the tire.since the wall of the tire is smaller it has less give.
automotive industies did this but went to larger diameter rims for two reasons. 1 its so they didn't have to recalibrate the speedometers and 2 it became 'cool' so they could charge more.

so my point is if you want to raise the box or lower it look to the suspension if you want to get big rims be careful to make sure you get the correct profile for the rim (i use tire rack for this) this is very important because the speed the speedometer indicates is a calculation made witch is : the constant multiplied by the variable. cxv=s c= the exterior diameter of a new stock tire, v= the revs of the cv-joint, s= the speed at witch you are traveling. so to make sure you don't get speeding tickets take my advice.

my best example of this is one of my friends bought a car in the sping and put the summers he was given on.
the rim was the correct size but the profile was off (65 in place of 75) after a while he noticed he keeped getting passed on the high-ways so we did a test I was driving at 100kmh (60mph) and he was at 90kmh(55-56mph) and the faster I would go the bigger the gap would get.

so food for thought
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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