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kidparis said:
OK.. so i found out what the noise was while i was driving or hitting a bump. Its seems that the plastic engine thingy has clamps on it and one of them must of gotten scrap off which left a panel dangling and when i hit a bump it made that noise. i think this wasn't cause by the deer but my steep drive way that makes me do a deep dip which bottoms out the car which scraps the under body plastic thing. i had the toyota tech clip off the damaged part and no more noise
so my questions are :
1: if i got 18 inch rims will this help with ground clearance?
2: and how does it effect the ride and gas millages? if i got bigger tires

3: any cool rims you know of for the xb?
That plastic "thingy" could be important for damage protection or cooling issues--better check it out. As for ground clearance, the size of your rim is only one factor. Equally important is the tire size (from rim to ground). Many people get lower profile tires to compliment their rims which negates ground clearance. If you take your stock rim and put a lower profile tire on it the ground clearance will be decreased. You have to determine if you want looks or ground clearance or both and at what cost. Chief
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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