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I know I already posted up about them but I love them. They are the best. When I was looking for wheels for the Jetta they took the time to help me find something I liked that met my specs.

Well this time they went above and beyond the call of duty. For those of you not in the know I am buying Tenzo Type M in bronze. These wheels just came out less then a month ago. Right now they are the hottest wheel on the market. When I first did a search on these wheels I found that alot of tC owners are drooling over these things. Anyways the point. They are totally sold out. Not just in bronze, but every single color and there are 7 different colors. The guy even talked to the Tenzo rep and he said that there are 74 sets due in the next 2 weeks, but has 162 back orders to fill. These things are on suck a back log that they don't even have an ETA of when they will be avaliable. Which means they can't take orders on them. At first he thought he had a set in gun metal avaliable that were returned. However he found out they were returned due to damage. He told me the only set he had was set with a 20 offset. Way too shallow for the xB. However he stated that they may be able to shave off a 10 of the offset to get it to a 30 offset which would work. When he talked to the sales manager the manager told him that they had a 25 offset that would work. The only issue is that the wheel may poke out the fender well just a little bit. Well thats ok with me. It will give it a nice aggressive stance and look to it. Plus I had called earlier because they changed the price (yes another price change on me) over night. I checked the price on the rims thursday night, then friday when my tax return came in and I went to order and the price had come up $100 (deja vu). So they actually gave me the pre-increase price on the wheels.

So yeah my wheels will get shipped out monday morning and should here wensday or thursday. Won't know till I get my tracking number on monday. I have decided that this summer I am gonna run with out pressor sensors. Well as long as the sensor light doesn't get annoying. Then when winter rolls around and I go back to factory rims I will buy new sensors and have them installed in the new rims.

I will definatly post up photos when they get on the xB which will probably be friday.
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