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I miss my xB1 . . .

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I got a green one in '06 and immediately put a Progress Technology rear sway on it and was one happy camper. I swear with a few more HPs it would eat MINIs on any curve. It was one of the best handling cars I've owned and absolutely shames my xB2.

I know the ONE had tons of mods for it and Toyota made it a great handling car because of the height of its roofline. Too bad they gave up on the TWO. I put a TRD rear sway on my TWO but there was no wonderful transition to track car.

Anybody else try a Progress Tech bar? Much stiffer than TRD at the time.

PS. The xB1 was the BEST most worry-free car I have ever owned. It was perfect until I foolishly traded it at 50K. I often wish I had it back. (5 speed)
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They are getting cheaper you could always get another one if you want lol.
I dont know if I could roll with such low hp though.
Would love those mpgs though haha.
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