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i need a spoiler

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I want a black rear spoiler any one know if $250.00 is a good price
or is there better out there that is oem

also... im looking for a TRD strut tie... a inside guy at Toyota is selling it for $170

any one know if this is good and if i can get better
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The strut bar is the same price as Sparks, so that is GREAT!

For a new part, Sparks tends to be about as cheap as you'll find. So, if it matches Sparks, that's good.
my inside guide is telling me he can get the premium head unit for $580 i know thats a good deal out of all of them but does any one know if the navy play dvd movie?
just bought a primer spoiler off fleabay-ill let you know if it was worth the 80$
What you may find about your ebay spoiler is the lack of instructions. Could be a real rain to get on correctly.
If you bought the template that fits the spoiler that you get thru Toyota, it will not work.
Thinking about the template that you get from Toyota, you should be able to mount it on the spoiler you are getting and marking on the template where the holes have to go. Should work.
i didnt kneed the yoda template at all-it comes with 2 pieces of cardboard that you use-

just painted it flat black(box is hypnotic teal mica)- going to install this weekend-
well that wasnt too bad-took about 1/2 hour this morning to do by myself :D-looks sweet imho
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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