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Identify this Datsun

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Ok so here is the deal. I been looking at mad max car sites. I always wanted a yellow xb interceptor like the one Mel Gibson drove in Mad Max. However that is a near impossability. Then I can across this guy that made one out of a datsun. Its not the identical car at all, but a very similar shape. And it was always the shape and look of the car I wanted. So I figured if I can get a hold of one of these datsun's here in the USA I might be able to make a decent looking replica of the vehical.

Problem is I don't know what kind of datsun it is. At first I thought it was a 510 but its not. Any help would be appreciated.

Here is a link to the photos.
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I did email him. Still not sure he will reply. I currently think its a datsun 710. However not all the photos of 710's look right, but one that I found did.
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