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Idle speed

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Maybe someone can tell me what is causing this. When I come up to an intersection and put the clutch in, the idle speed rises to ~1200 rpm then slowly returns down to ~600 as I come to a stop. The service writer at the dealer didn't know what it was, so I'm giving it out to the members. Everyone have a save and happy holiday season. BTW I love the chevy add with Santa saying that it is casual Friday and that's why he's not wearing his suit.
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The only thing I've noticed that changes idle speed in mine (5-SP) is when the AC or Heat is blowing. If I'm at a stop and turn on the heat, the idle will rise a few hundred RPM's then gradually slow back down...

Do you remember if you were using Heat/AC at the time?...

I doubt it's anything to be overly concerned with though...
Not using any temp or a/c just coming to a stop. Nothing serious but just annoying.
I'm with "Boat"..... find something else to be annoyed by. It's probably very normal.

I slide my Auto in Neutral when I know I can coast to a stop for a long distance..... or down a long incline...... The RPM's do just what yours does.... sometimes. Usually I can tell the Cooling fan (radiator), is running as well. I connect the two as the reason. But I also run the Radio at a pretty high level, so I cannot feel any negative things occurring..... just noticed the RPM's do that sometimes.
Mine does it too. Try N or clutch-in on a long coast. Idle goes up and down, up and down.
At a complete stop, or almost no speed, idle is normal.

My uneducated guess is something with air flow being pushed in while car is moving, since it does it constantly while moving and coasting. But Idk. I've accepted it as normal and unavoidable unless I leave it in gear.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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