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If you could have back any of your previous vehicles...

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which would it be, and why?

Of mine I think I miss my 240sx the most. It was a 95 SE and I traded a 98 Accord for it.

I got it as a project/daily driver but never got to finish it. It had the stock dual overhead cam engine, LSD, manual transmission, and a few miscellaneous mods. I had plans to straighten the body back out, upgrade the suspension to coilovers and replace the vertical doors with normal hinges again since they weren't installed correctly.

Unfortunately none of this happened and I had to sell it. The person I sold it to swapped the engine and sold it to someone up north.

There has been another 240 of the same generation sitting in a field for the last 8 years (maybe longer) up to road about 5 miles from my house but my friend and I have never been able to contact the residents. It's sad to see it just waiting for a new home and the body appears to be in good shape considering its status. I still try to knock on the door from time to time.

Anyway, that's the one I wish I could have kept and it got me wondering if anyone else had that one car they wish they could have held on too. So, whats the one you won't ever forget?
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1988 Mitsubishi Starion 2.6 inline turbo

Boost set @ 14psi
rear wheel drive, lsd, catless exhaust system with a dumped canister muffler
16x7 fronts and 16x8 rears Dunlop all around
red exterior with black cloth interior
Blitz DD BOV (very loud)

after owning it for 3 years i had to get rid of it since i needed the money to pay for my 06 scion xb but then in 2011 i managed to pick up another one but i sold it about 4 months later to much money to put it back on the road. currently this morning i started shopping around for another one locally hopefully i can get another one soon they are fun cars to play with and sleepers also.
I've only had a few and 3 lasted for many years. I miss the only one I don't still have of the long-term ones. It was a 1987 VW Vanagon, Wolfsburg Ed. in Wolfram Grey.
That was a wonderful one. But, the headgasket started to leak (stock engine was a basically a punched out Bug engine, making 95HP, with supplemental water cooling to push it much over 80hp.

I traded it for my father's Miata, which I still have-> and drove today.

The B reminds me of the VW, but with less room, more power, and brakes that stop it when you actually want. Oh, and tired that don't pop with the slightest bump . . .
Isn't a Mitsubishi Starion the same as a Dodge/whatevername Conquest?
Three cars that I still miss:

1972 Toyota Corolla 2-door coupe, 1.6 liter, 4 speed manual. Lowered, flared, springs, shocks, panhard rod, headers, 0.030" pistons, head shaved during engine rebuild, custom exhaust system. Staggered wheels/tires. Painted in 1978 Corvette Yellow with red and orange striping on the sides (stripes applied by me, my own design). Sunroof, homebrew OH and center consoles, 240Z front seats. Homebrew carpeting, sound deadening, and rear seat. Four 6x9" triaxial speakers (two, split, in the doors; two in rear deck), fed by external amp/EQ. Was rear-ended and totaled in 1984. :cry:

1987 Toyota Camry sedan DX in Blue Pearl, 2.0 liter DOHC, 116 hp, 5 speed manual, 2700 pounds (lighter than an xB2). Car magazines said it did 0-60 in 8.7 seconds which was pretty good back then. I put 6x9" triaxial speakers in the rear deck and 4" coaxials in the dash. I got 30 mpg no matter how I drove it. Had to sell it because my fiance (now my wife) didn't like the manual tranny. :(

1991 Toyota longbed Pickup in Super White, 5 speed manual with the Extra value package (side stripes, AC, cloth bench seat, chrome grill, real side vent windows, sliding rear window). I put 6x9" triaxial speakers in the doors and 6.5" coaxial speakers behind the bench seat in a homebrew box. Had to sell it due to growing family. I still miss my truck...
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Tartan,^^^ Pretty much yes.

For me i dunno. Have had tons of cars, unfortunately. Lots of favs. Probably one i had and got to do nothing with, kept stock, was my '90 VW Corrado G60. In yellow at that. It was a great handling car. It definately out handled a previous 83 Z28. But to have it now would be nice. They go for a pretty penny these days.
Isn't a Mitsubishi Starion the same as a Dodge/whatevername Conquest?
Yes but Chrysler Conquest I have owned both mits and Chrysler

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Yes but Chrysler Conquest I have owned both mits and Chrysler

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Any quality or performance difference or are they truly identical?

i find that kinda stuff interesting.
i find that kinda stuff interesting.
Like the toyota nova? I mean the chevy corrolla...

I think it was the early 80s ones. Friend had the nova and for most of the parts he had to get from toyota.
Most interesting are the difference, like where one clone is "softened" or "tightened" in different markets. It shows the auto makers thoughts about that market. Plus, it's interesting to see matched "success" and "failure" vehicles, esp. if people don't realize the connection.

Brand differentiation is what it is called. Also, it tells about the many cross-company connections.

Mazda B and Ford Courier
Later-> Mazda B and Ford Explorer

Eventually, that lead to Ford "purchasing" Mazda when it got in trouble, which in turn turned around Ford and transformed FoMoCo into what it is today.

Mitsu had lots of Chrysler ties in the 80s and 90s.

This thread has made me miss my VW . . .
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Both were the same from day one in 1983 to 1989 I swapped parts from both cars and they all said dymler chrysler with mitsu in the bottom. You can debadge the chrysler and swap tail lights and make it look like a chrysler that was the only difference between both the tail lights

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Wierdly enough the car i would like to have back would be my 87 Honda Civic Wagon, it's also the most similar to the xB but a little smaller. I think it has a lot to do with it being my first new car and the one I had through my senior year of high school.
Definitely gotta be my old 1971 Camaro, the experience of the build, crushing cars out on the street that cost more than 10x what I spent on it, pure American muscle. Economy hit me hard, and had to sell it before I got a chance to complete it. Now that I think about it, I'm pretty much one of the most unusual people to own an xB, let alone this is my 2nd one lol.
My 84 fiero.. the wheels so big it looked like hotwheels on that tiny car.. I dont know why I sold it :(
This thread got me running my Miata again. Now, I've resolved most of the issues. What's left is more cosmetic stuff. Not cheap, but cosmetic.
I had a 79 Hurst olds that I really loved then I parked it in the garage for a while and everything just started falling apart. It was the black and gold model with his and hers shifter. I should have kept it.
I had a '92 Corolla GTi hatchback. 4AGE motor with full exhaust and intake. I did wheels, suspension, custom installed alpine stereo with 2 12" subs in the trunk, a couple of other interior mods. It was my first bought car (my first car was a 1977 corolla wagon from my grandfather) and I had it for 7 years and it went hard with no problems. I gave it to my brother when I moved to the US. He dropped me at the airport and on his way home, got sandwiched between two trucks. It was a sad day.

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My first car, it was a 1970 Chevelle with the 396...way too much car for a 16 year old to appreciate.

oh the days of sub $1 a gallon gas!
My first car, it was a 1970 Chevelle with the 396...
Wow! Lots of Get Up & Go...

My brother wanted the 396 with 4-speed manual but had to settle for a 350 with 3-speed auto. It was a great cruising car (2.56 read end IIRC) but a bit slow off the line.
My 2004 Toyota Matrix XRS.

CF hood, TRD Celica Front bodykit, Megan Coilovers, full magnaflow catback exhaust, HPE headers, Injen CAI, SS, ES motor mounts, full sounds, custom painted roof. Sportmax (now XXR) 002 16x8 +0 on 195/45s. Enjoyed putting it in LIFT so much that I blew to top half of the motor. Expired warranty, had to pay $10k outta pocket to fix. Sold it for super cheap because LIFT wasn't the same after the repair.

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