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My personal website plays host to my blog, an image gallery containing more pictures than you can wave a stick at and other project pages and unrelated randomness. You can probably learn more about me by reading my blog than you can from this post, but we’ll just consider this the readers digest version of “Who is Indemnity83?.

Personally; I love the outdoors, although lately I haven’t had as many trips as I would like. I used to do a lot of backpacking and I want to get back into it.

I’ve become a photography connoisseur after picking up a Nikon D50 Digital SLR camera, I’ve even set aside a whole section in my gallery for the pictures I’ve taken for no other reason than to take a picture.

If you know me, or have read just about any of my Blog you’ll probably quickly realize that I’m a consumer electronics junkie. I can’t stay away from the small gadgets that go “ping!”.

Professionally; By day I’m a computer geek, but by night … damn, still a computer geek ;-). Primarily I work for an Electrical Engineering firm in Sacramento, Electrical Design Consultants, Inc. Officially my title is ‘Information Technology Manager and Telecommunications Designer’. I do the occasional design work on projects to fulfill the title, but most of my time is spent creating applications and solving computer issues. I setup and maintain our network and servers (a file/domain server, an exchange server, a web server and some other miscellaneous application servers). My primary ongoing project has been an all inclusive project management system that one day will handle basically all of our business tasks from tracking marketing information, to billing a project. The system is mostly done using PHP and MySQL with a couple VB.NET applications thrown in to run some background tasks (like gathering log information from our plotters to be used in the billing process).

My second job has grown since early 2003. I started up my own business - Klaus Computer Consulting - but it wasn’t until late 2004 that things really started to pick up. Generally I provide support to small business (less than 100 employees) in their IT departments, sometimes serving as their entire IT department. From specifying systems to installation and maintenance. I also do some smaller jobs as they come up for personal users such as re-formatting their computer, setting up wireless networks etc. I would like to grow into doing Web design and maintenance too, but I just haven’t had the opportunity yet.

Most importantly though, to this forum anyway, I have collected an obsession in the form of a 2005 Scion tC. It was originally my brothers car, but he sold it to get out of his car payments. I think in the end he ended up with a pretty sweet deal and bought himself a MkII MR-2.

As of now, the tC has the following modifications:
  • TWM Short Shifter
  • TWM Weighted Sift Knob
  • Lightened Flywheel
  • TRD Lowering Springs
  • Rear Sway Bar
  • Honda S2000-Like Antenna
  • Dr. Isotopes Radiator Air Deflector
  • 50% Front Window Tinting, 35% Rear 3 Windows
  • GrillCraft 4 piece grill set
  • Halo, Projector Headlights
  • Speed Star Racing SP1 18x8.5 (front) 18x9.5 (rear)
  • BFG KDW2 Tires, 225/40 (front) and 245/40 (rear)
  • M3 Lip Spioler
  • tCover automatic radio door
  • 1200° Black Duplicolor painted heat-shield
  • 500° Red Duplicolor painted Valve Cover
  • Dr. Isotope Polished Aluminum Valve Cover Trim Plate

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