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Installing an Auto Dimming Mirror in the 2008 xB

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I am new to this site and I am wondering if anyone has information on the ease of installing an auto dimming mirror Gentex with HomeLink in the 08 xB. My concern is the Side (A Pilar) Airbag, if there is another way of making the connection via the overhead map lights versus going across the top of the windsheild and down the A pilar to the fuse panel. I know that in the tC with the sunroof you can do it, however, the xB does not have the same configuration.

I installed an Auto on/off headlamp module, it works perfectly. I still have the function of the headlight switch and the highbeams are activated when you move the lever to highbeam. The sensor is mounted on the drivers side (next to the VIN) just above the band. It also activates the headlights when the wipers are turned on. You have the option for DRL (Daytime Running Lights), I opt'd to not have DRL. The one draw back is you can not set the delayed option if you do not have a security system, the lights turn off as soon as you turn off the ignition.

I am a first time Scion owner, I was drawn to the simplicty yet superlative concept of personalization that is possible, I also love the redesign of the 08 xB.
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Welcome to the site! :D
I don't know about the mirror, but I am definitely interested in the headlight module... what is it, where you'd get it and how much was it? :)
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