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Interior exchange

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i'm about to exchange the interior of my 2008 xb with the interior of a 2011 xb. new seats and center console that is. i want the better bolstered seats for support and lighter color pattern. i want the armrest on the center console, its actually functional, useable.
any advice on 'how to' do this the best way, sequence, concerns etc.? airbag deployment concerns? easy straightforward bolt in and out, or is there a surprise lurking in the process?
is the 'footprint' of the center console the same for both year models?

thanks in advance for any helpful advice
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Any vendors out there that offer a floor carpet of a different color than the dark charcoal? I'm looking for a lighter color like gray maybe.

Or, has anyone tried painting their floor carpeting???
Wow!!!! what a difference new seats make in the -08 xb. I would never have believed it myself if someone else told me w/o trying it. The newer seats have a real back in them that supports your back and the side bolsters actually work! Kinda like sitting in old bucket seats.
I got the whole interior changed out in about 5 hours.......a lot of that time was spent cleaning up under the seats and center console......nasty!!! I'll post pics later.
As to seat size and spacing I measured both sets old and new and they are actually the same overall size side to side, but the seat depth is about 1/2" shorter on the new seats b/c it has some substance to it. The old seats have a concave surface to them that doesn't support your back too well. Nice improvement in comfort for an old man with a bad back.
Like i said, much better 'feel' of support although i've only taken a short drive in it so far. i plan to take a 2000 mile trip in it week after next for the real 'road test'.
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interior exchange

Ok here are some pics of the change out.......

note the size difference of the center console. also the rearward bolt up holes for the console were different so i had to drill a hole more toward the center of the back two to match the old style hole alignment.

the side mounting pins near the rear bottom are interesting...just slightly push in the center pin and then pop them out of the hole by its outer edges. no problem to re-use.

the mess under the center console was really nasty. it took a bit to clean that all out before re-setting the new console.

the new console actually takes up quite a bit more elbow space and is in a position to support your arm very well, plus it slides forward for best support. well worth having vs. the old style if you replace the front seats to match up. :biggrin:


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Just finished a 3100+ mile trip with the new seats. Awesome!! The back support and side blosters in the new seats is sooooo much better than the older seats. Wow! The best possible single upgrade for creature comfort you could possibly make IMHO.
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