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Interior exchange

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i'm about to exchange the interior of my 2008 xb with the interior of a 2011 xb. new seats and center console that is. i want the better bolstered seats for support and lighter color pattern. i want the armrest on the center console, its actually functional, useable.
any advice on 'how to' do this the best way, sequence, concerns etc.? airbag deployment concerns? easy straightforward bolt in and out, or is there a surprise lurking in the process?
is the 'footprint' of the center console the same for both year models?

thanks in advance for any helpful advice
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Parts List for 2011 center armrest/console

I found this link for all of the parts needed. Looks like a lot of parts and money. Maybe you can fine this at a junk yard for a lot less or just shop around for the best price?

CONSOLE BOX & BRACKET. Fits: Scion | Village Scion Parts
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